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Commander Digital Scale 30lb

Commander Digital Scale 30lb

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A must-have tool for every tournament angler, the Catch Commander Digital Scale makes tracking fish catches and culling extremely simple and efficient. Made from a lightweight and durable ABS material, the Catch Commander Digital Scale features a textured and removable handle that gives anglers a solid grip, even in wet conditions. It is also outfitted with non-puncture claws, which provide a firm grip on fish jaws without causing any harm to the fish. Equipped with a large LCD display screen, the Catch Commander Digital Scale is easy to read during bright sunny days and is backlit for viewing at night or in low light conditions. It also features Auto-View Livewell, which allows anglers to track the weights of each fish in the livewell in real time and Quick-Cull View that shows exactly which fish needs to be culled out. Tournament tested for superior accuracy, the Catch Commander Digital Scale is hands down the best culling scale on the market. Features:-Removable handle-Textured grips-Lightweight-Livewell tracking-Set cull limit-LCD screen-Waterproof-Progress tracking-Raised buttons-No puncture claws

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