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Compete Orthotics Insoles Men's 8 / M

Compete Orthotics Insoles Men's 8 / M

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The L400 Compete, formerly identified as sport, is designed to provide optimum shock absorption and is clinically proven to help prevent plantar fasciitis, arch pain and metatarsalgia. The L400 has arch support for wearers with a medium or high arch, providing optimum support, thereby reducing pain and discomfort. The bio-mechanical shape of the cupped heel helps to align your body, keeping you stable; cushioning keeps your foot comfortable and in place. If you have pain in the ball of your foot, styles ending with the number five have metatarsal support. Quality materials and innovative design abound. Made for men, the L400M has an AeroCell performance base that absorbs shock with each strike of the foot. In the center, a resilient Pro-Shox polyurethane provides optimal rebound, while retaining shape and cushion. For additional comfort, a CopperGuard lining rests immediately underfoot. The lining has copper fibers that help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, allowing orthotics to remain fresh. The L400 is a quality product that is designed for hard wear. Get the support you need and buy a pair today.

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