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Complete Blood Pressure Monitor + Ekg, Upper Arm

Complete Blood Pressure Monitor + Ekg, Upper Arm

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Get a more complete picture of your heart health with Omron s Complete, a combined blood pressure and single-lead EKG monitor for easy at-home measurements. Having the ability to measure both of these risk factors for stroke in 1 device allows those living with AFib a simple way to keep track of their condition and know when to seek treatment. Simple and easy to use, Complete was developed with AliveCor, the market leader in FDA-cleared personal EKG technology, and uses an advanced new algorithm for improved detection of AFib. With Complete, you can store up 90 blood pressure measurements on the device. To store unlimited measurements, simply connect wirelessly via Bluetooth and download the free Omron Connect mobile app. Complete works with select iOS and Android devices. To use the EKG feature you must download the free Omron connect app to your smartphone. Requires 4 AA Batteries.

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