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Bargain Square Paul

Contemporary Telecaster Rh (Roasted Maple/Pearl White)

Contemporary Telecaster Rh (Roasted Maple/Pearl White)

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I m selling my Contemporary Squier Telecaster in white. I m a bass player that wanted to pickup learning electric guitar but I never used it. Just a bass player at heart! It s practically like new! When I received it there was a small indent on the back of the guitar neck. In one of the pictures I took I circled it with a highlighter on the app editor for you to see. It didn t bother me at all because it s so small. It s doesn t look chipped or anything, just a small indent. If it ever did bother you it would be so easy to buff out because it being so surface level.It sounds great and is SO comfortable to play! I hope someone gets more use out of it then me!

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