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Coolshot 20 Gii Golf Laser Rangefinder

Coolshot 20 Gii Golf Laser Rangefinder

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You ll find the distance to the pin quickly and easily with the CoolShot 20 GII 6x20 Golf Laser Rangefinder. This golf-optimized LRF s First Target Priority technology confirms you re measuring to the flag, not the trees behind it, and eight-second continuous scan shows you the distance to hazards, pins, mounds, and trees as you approach the green. The CoolShot 20 GII can measure the distance to objects up to 800 yards away. The device has a measurement accuracy of ? 1 yard/meter out to 100 yards/meters and ? 2 yards/meters beyond that, and it displays distance in yards or meters on a high-visibility display. Diopter adjustment makes it easy to lock the display into focus. The 6x magnification is suitable for identifying targets at mid-range distances, and a long eye relief helps eyeglass wearers use it comfortably. Multi-coated optics, weatherproof construction, a wide temperature tolerance, and one-touch activation make this rangefinder dependable and easy to use.

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