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Crystal Vu Plus Mask With Purge Black

Crystal Vu Plus Mask With Purge Black

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The CRYSTAL VU PLUS s large single lens design plus seamless side windows equal an expansive view under water, and the no-tint glass makes that view extremely clear. Offering new styling with low internal volume, the crystal-clear double-sealed silicone skirt offers a seal that is both comfortable against the skin and watertight while producing a very open, airy feel that s especially nice when diving in darker waters. Swivel buckles allow for the perfect fit and an exclusive paint process lets you dive with style. Patented single lens design with side windows creates a panoramic field of vision. Ultra-clear no-tint glass delivers optimal clarity under water. Crystal-clear double-sealing skirt is comfortable against the skin and keeps water out. Low volume styling and convenient swivel buckles allow for a snug fit and ease of clearing. EZ-grab nose pocket makes easy work of equalizing. Available with or without a purge valve.

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