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Cube Street Ii Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier Black

Cube Street Ii Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier Black

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The Cube Street II is the updated version of the most successful busking amp ever, the Cube Street. Boss has taken all the best features of the original, added groundbreaking technologies, implemented user-requested features and pushed the capabilities of this portable amp even further. The new Cube Street II is double the power of the original, giving you 10 watts (2 x 5W speakers) of crisp and clean stereo sound to cut through street traffic, and is impressively loud. The Cube Street II also has a dedicated mono jack LINE OUT, which is perfect for connecting to external, more powerful, PA/monitors for even bigger audiences. Plus, you will still be able to use the Cube Street MKII as a live monitor. Ready To Be Used Anywhere Boss has also made the CUBE Street 2 even lighter (only 4.4 kg) and more durable thanks to its modern ABS injection-moulded design. This is great news for musicians on the move and transporting their live rigs down high streets, on public transports and more awkward locations than music venues. Add the optional Roland CB-CS1 Carry Case to protect your Cube Street on the move. Of course, with any busking amp, the unit needs to be battery-powered and battery life is a huge concern for street performers. The Cube Street II boasts a whopping 11 hours maximum battery life and is uses either x8 AA Ni-MH or alkaline batteries. You can gig with the confidence that no matter where you are, you have enough hours to power your performance or easily source some more AA batteries from most newsagents, garages or convenience stores.

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