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Curling Zone Indoor Game

Curling Zone Indoor Game

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Curling without ice Yes! Curling Zone is an innovative, truly unique take on the game of curling, perfect for anyone who loves a good game of strategy and coordination. Traditionally played on ice to take advantage of the slick surface, Curling Zone stones hoveron air over mat to simulate the icy challenge. To play, have family or friends make up two teams of up to three players each. The Curling Zone game set includes air-propelled, battery-operated curling stones (3 red, 3 yellow) that are played along an 11.5 L x 2.5 W play mat. Between tournaments, roll mat and store game in its portable, reusable box with handle. No assembly required with the exception of battery installation (batteries not included; requires four AA batteries for each stone for a total of 24 batteries). Instructions for play included. Sweep mat clean with a dry brush.

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