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Bargain Square Paul

Custom Shop Fat '60s Stratocaster Pickups

Custom Shop Fat '60s Stratocaster Pickups

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Let every note ring with hallmark 60s quality. Delivering the iconic snap, bite, and punch that gave the Strat the legendary status it has today, the fat 60s single coils are meticulously crafted to fuel your sound with that coveted vintage flair. They re custom wound, too. Which means that each pickup is individually designed to bring its own unique character to your performance. It s this extra detail and care that take that makes the 60s pickups so special.They may sound vintage, but that s not to say that the 60s pickups aren t built for modern performance. The overwound design incorporates a distinctive low-end punch into your sound, maintaining that fat character throughout your riffs. So you can unleash those beefy riffs with plenty of crisp articulation, and indulge in a truly versatile tone. Heritage sound, enhanced.

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