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Cx11e Control - Yellow - 7.8oz Pickleball Paddle

Cx11e Control - Yellow - 7.8oz Pickleball Paddle

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Making an appearance in the 11mm lineup is the Gearbox CX11E Control Pickleball Paddle - 7.8oz. This paddle features an elongated shape and is the upgrade from the GX6 line. The Solid Span Technology has been reengineered with improved materials to increase overall performance. The SST core in the control series offers a softer feel by absorbing the ball to optimize control. The paddle face is composed of 3K carbon fiber and includes advanced texture and coating to amplify spin. The 11mm thin profile and elongated grip offer lightning fast speed and reach to keep players ready for quick volleys. Durability has been improved on the edgeless frame by reinforcing 3K carbon fiber on the top two corners. Overall, players looking for ultimate control along with a thin profile will enjoy the top performance from the new Gearbox CX11E Control.

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